Effective recruitment is about finding the right candidates with the right skills and abilities to fill the role gap. However, as a result of Covid-19, the traditional process has changed in many ways for the applicants. Here are 5 steps to navigating the recruitment process for you to understand it better:

Understand the process

The hiring process begins when the employee identifies the need for a position in the organisation. This mostly involves a variety of methods, tools and metrics. It is changeable and even sometimes too complex, depending on the company and the role. Therefore, your first step should always be acknowledging the structure in terms of what is expected from you and what you need to expect. Look for an application flowchart or timeline to understand it, because this would help candidates get their foot in the door. For instance, after the effects of covid-19, zoom interviews become quite common in 2020. There is a greater intensity of competition due to the increasing rate of unemployment. Most companies take strategic approaches to handle it effectively, for instance by providing more in depth training and retention. Also, the social distancing restrictions strongly requires the adaptation of the remote workforce. From now on, managing virtual interviews will become an ordinary part of the process in many companies. You should optimise the recruitment process and get ready to fit in.

Ask plenty of questions after the initial screen

Believe it or not, most companies are willing to tell you what to expect and are happy to see you engaging. After they’ve reviewed resumes, most companies conduct a phone screen or live video interview. You’ll probably speak with a recruiter or HR manager to confirm your availability for the meeting and discuss technical requirements. (Their focus on the technical requirements has risen because of the effects of the Covid-19. Make sure you have unlimited access to the internet and computer.) As the conversation winds down at this stage, confirm the next steps and timeline. Are you wondering whether there is a group assessment? It is time to ask now; this is the easiest way of navigating the process. They’ll also evaluate your communication skills and measure your interest. The more prepared you are, the easier the process is for the company to move forward. Last of all, be proactive and if you don’t hear back within the specified timeframe, write a follow up note.

Ace the technical assessments

You need to have a fully-completed profile with finished assessments before the deadline. Although, most of the time these assessments are technical questions regarding the role, such as an online coding or copywriting test. Naturally, you’ll want to study the answers to practice your skills beforehand. During the sessions, be sure to read the introduction phase very well. Be time-efficient as sometimes it can be limited. Don’t be afraid to ask for further questions before you start and maybe add some extra aspect to impress them. They are typically incorporated into the Application Tracking System (ATS). Employers use to track applications. However, others may be conducted in person. This entire section usually lead up to the last stage, make sure you nail it.

Visualise the interview stage

Next, you’ll undergo a series of face-to-face interviews whether it is 2 or 3 staged. You should look at it from a visualisation perspective. Therefore, when you’re preparing for an interview; you almost psychologically gone through the process. They may ask behavioural questions or assess your cultural fit to the company. Study and make research of the company’s culture and values, prepare examples and vignettes for behaviour-oriented questions.

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Written by Gizem Dagli