Have you ever wondered if career coaching really help you move up the career ladder? Maybe you simply aren’t sure what it uncovers that you may not know yet. Unlike many that see it as a therapy session, career coaching is a development process with your assessed track of delivered results. It first identifies your dream job and helps you get there with the right encouragement and inspiration. For instance, job searching can sometimes be difficult, especially if you don’t know what to do next; this is when career coaching can be a great way to guide you. Although, no matter where you take your ride, it is always worth it.

What will a career coach do for you?

A good coach can change the game score; generating reliable results with achievable objectives. If you think you can take on new challenges and want to achieve more in the career ladder, then consider looking for a coach who can unlock your potential and maximise your growth. The following statements are some of the things a career coach do for you in landing your dream job:

  • Design your success strategy and tactical approach.
  • Challenge you to get out of your comfort zone so you can put more effort.
  • Explores new options or opportunities you may take into account.
  • Guide you to be open and curios, maybe in trying new concepts.
  • Set clear structure while taking your steps to your dream job.
  • Hold you accountable by increasing your employability skills.
  • Give you honest and upfront feedback.
  • Records the process and keeps track of your results.
  • Speed up and improve your progression.
  • Overcome a feeling of being “stuck” career-wise.
  • Proactively manage risks

What signs are showing you need a career coach?

There can be various reasons why many people are choosing to work with a career coach in achieving their dreams and goals. As an example, people who badly affected by the pandemic might want to pivot into other industries to feel more secure, such as in the technology sector. This means regarding to your circumstances, you may need career coaching for so many different motives. In such cases, everyone would definitely need expertise to navigate important career decisions with wise and rational advice. Here are the most obvious signs that you may need a career coach to get the ball rolling:

  • If your are planning to change your career. Maybe to a completely different direction.
  • Students who recently graduated and looking for a guider.
  • Feeling stuck in a vicious cycle which erodes your self-confidence and causing a loss of purpose?
  • Everyone’s got an opinion depending on their own experiences but you need an unbiased and an objective view from a professional or an expertise in the industry. It is to stay away from unnecessary knowledge pollution growing on the internet.
  • If you stay where you are without getting any better or worse: making no progress in your goals.
  • Letting days and weeks go by without taking action and not making life changing decisions about your career?
  • Also as mentioned above you may want to secure a job in a growing industry; in result of Covid-19.

You can always get in contact with our team in Ingenio Learning if you have any further questions about career coaching. Each and every one of us is trying to achieve a rewarding career without regrets when all is said and done. We are here to help and support you during your journey to land your dream job!

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Written by Gizem Dagli