The technology industry might be one of the most growing and rewarding industries in the last few years. Anyone with some previous experience or even with no tech skills can consider it to leave their mark on the world. In recent years, it’s been evolving at a rapid pace; offering a great deal of benefits to its employees. Ingenio Learning decided to highlight 5 reasons why the technology industry is the place to be, especially for those affected by the current fractured job market.

High employment rate

The skills of technology professionals will always be an employable asset in every industry. You need to keep adapting to its changing nature. No surprise why there is always a demand for employment. UK’s tech industry expanded 2.6 times faster than the rest of the economy in 2019. Also, across all categories, there is a high number of job posts for the following roles specified in the graph below.

Source: Indeed, 2019

The heart of research and innovation

Are you interested in discovering something new? Then, this industry is specifically a good match with you. It values creativity and initiative ways of understanding the concepts; which then breeds growth. The culture there overvalues ambition and prioritise research and development. It does what it really does best, innovation. Undoubtedly, it has one of the highest employee satisfaction rates of any sector, therefore you’ll be motivated to make a difference. This is the ideal workplace for making things easier, faster, and better.

Active learning experience

Technology overlaps with every other industry such as medicine, energy or financial services, with incredibly diverse specialisation areas. It offers you a great learning experience; making you more confident in different fields. The transferable skills acquired during your time in tech also bring career advantages. Therefore, it makes you able to move between roles easily without any boundaries. Not only do all types of companies need tech specialists, but so does every single country across the globe. When you work in tech, the world becomes your oyster.

Academic degree is not a necessity

Unlike many other career paths, people working in the tech don’t necessarily have higher education degrees. As long as you have the passion and ambition in the field, you can manage to fit in. There is no need to be a tech genius, the sector requires more than developers or programmers. In fact, it needs people with skills from across the board, for instance, creativity, critical thinking and so on. Employers recognise the benefit of hiring people trained to think in different ways.

Everyday is a new challenge

Since technology captures all sorts of problems, there is no shortage of challenges. From the start of your career and till it ends, you’ll produce countless tools & ideas to solve these occurring problems. The limit is the sky. It requires in depth attention to solve frequently occurring problems, providing the tools every organisation needs to operate and grow. If you enjoy challenging yourself, get a job in tech!

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Written by Gizem Dagli