It was a tough year with a very difficult ending especially for those graduated or graduating in 2020. No one can imagine the concerns this year’s students are having as a result of experiencing the serious effects of Covid-19. After spending a minimum of 16 years in education, it is normal to be lost and confused, however on top of that the current job market makes it no easier for you. This is the feeling of being stuck in a slum; nothing could’ve explained it better, right? Well, you are not alone. New studies show rising rates of depression and anxiety among graduates, with a significant difference between this and previous years. What you need to know is that it won’t last forever. Here are a few life-changing advice for you to remember:

Don’t compare yourself with others

Stop comparing yourself to others and judging your level of success with them. Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy” reminding us no good comes from doing this to ourselves. It is not possible to be perfect, this is quite self-destructive after it hits you on the mind. There is only one thing that would make you better than anyone is ‘being you’. Change your mindset, you’ll be happier with the knowledge of what you are really capable of.

Start from scratch

Daydreaming is only a disappointment, make sure your feet are on the ground. Set your goals achievable and don’t expect too much just at the start of your journey. Technology keeps changing the way the world runs and as the time passes the job market also keeps getting more competitive. This means you’ll be more likely to start from an entry-level job and build your way up to your dream position, the career ladder. Companies now prefer skillset over academic success. Jumping to the top layers of the pyramid won’t necessarily help your success if you don’t have the required specialisation in the area. It is understandable to expect too much at first, we all make the same mistake. You must be patient.

Give yourself more time

It is crucial to take your time to learn and experience as much as you can in terms of reaching your future goal. It won’t be easy to adopt the business environment after spending years in education, learning theory based knowledge. Applying what you know into practice will take some time, don’t expect too much from yourself. Eliminate the rush because the triggering behaviour would only cause lack of energy and motivation. Otherwise, you can’t let the creative juices flow, generating fresh ideas. Besides, if you didn’t take a gap year you may need it now. This is also a popular choice of ‘taking time out’, ‘having a little break.’ Avoid the self-inflicted stress and life friction of not giving yourself enough time.

Reach out for support

You’ll need support during this time because it’s so easy to fall down but hard to rise again. Stop feeling dejected, because finding a dream job after graduation has never been easy for anyone. All graduate students benefit from role models they can admire; based on shared outlook, connections or similar experiences. So, you may seek professional help with career coaching. It plays an important role to stay motivated and positive as well as focusing on your personal development.

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Written by Gizem Dagli

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