Searching for a new job can sometimes be very exhausting as if you didn’t have enough stress already. Due to writing endless cover letters, submitting long online assessments, or tailoring a resume for each job you apply to, your mood obviously becomes downright bummed. What’s even worst is most of the time you may not even receive feedback but dead silence from the employers. Who could blame you? This is an uncertain, time consuming, and the intense process we all have to face somehow while building a successful career.

The biggest challenge in job hunting itself is to maintain your motivation and to keep your focus clear, no matter how tough it gets. The novelist Margaret Drabble’s quote “when nothing is certain anything is possible” shows us the hidden opportunity, waiting there to be spotted. Now let’s see the glass half full rather than half empty! Ingenio Learning is here to support you through your journey to employment. Here are 5 tips on how to stay on track and maintain your motivation.

Build a clear structure

It is important to have a neat focus; your game plan is not likely to work out if there isn’t a set of to-do-list. Think about it, you may lose your way on the road if the navigation system suddenly stops working which means it takes longer for you to get there. Plan your steps carefully. The best way to start building your structure is to start asking questions to yourself. Have you spotted some companies in interest? What do they exactly value? Do you have the required skills? How is the application process? Tailor your research and start filtering what suits you the most. Answering these honestly and getting organised are the best way to make your application stand out from the stack of other applicants and save time. You need to be selective with achievable smart goals. Focus on a few job posts and put your all effort into it.

Think of what you can change

During this process, you may expand your skills or add some new ones to your resume. Something new would make you enjoy the days outside of your job hunting routine. For instance, if you’re missing any skill or qualification required for your dream job, start mastering these skills. Online courses or short-term projects in your specialised area can be a great way of acquiring them. Also, reading the latest industry articles can increase your knowledge and help you hold on to a delightful conversation in your interview. You’ll know exactly what’s going on in the industry. Demonstrate your passion for the job you applied for. This is an effective way of getting the attention of hiring managers and to free your mind away from fears and worries. So think less about what’s happening but more about what you’re doing.

Consider career coaching

A survey conducted by Prince’s Trust in 2020, found that 44% of 16 to 25 years old have lower aspirations and are stuck in finding their dream jobs. Because of the difficult times we all are facing on the grounds of Covid 19, most of us are feeling insecure and lost more than ever. Rushing into applying for jobs without even focusing on what’s best for you is the most unwise decision you could make. Similarly, you have a decent idea of what you want but aren’t making any progress? Therefore, getting an outside perspective is extremely helpful for you to succeed. With too much information pollution on the internet, you need to make sure a professional who is specialised in your career path is helping you out. In other words, career coaching can be seen as an asset in taking one step ahead of others and achieving the position you always wanted. Ingenio Learning, our Career Coaching program for people who want to work in the Technology industry is hosting free live career coaching sessions on “how to overcome anxiety when looking for a job”.

Spend time on follow-ups

First of all, make sure that it isn’t called a failure when you don’t hear back from the employer or have been unsuccessful in your recent application. This will help you get over the fear of rejection, accept it as a part of the human life experience. By reaching out for feedback, you’ll have a chance to learn about what you’re missing. Also, you’ll become eager for the position in the future by the hiring manager as it is always seen favourable in their eyes. Most of the human resources departments hold records of their previous applicants for future potential jobs. They’ll keep your name on top of mind. Never be afraid to go the extra mile for a follow-up note because the effort will always make you look good and appreciated.

Be active in networking

Networking makes you known by hiring managers and employers. The more you’ll be known the better for you to get a job as it is basically a chance of seeking recognition. In case if someone recommends you to an employer, this directly draws a positive impression on you and increases your likelihood of getting an offer. Stay in touch with successful professionals through your contacts or social platforms such as LinkedIn. Most importantly, they may at least offer you valuable feedback about reference letters, job leads, or job search; help you learn insights in the field.

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