“There is nothing permanent except change”. This quote was taken from the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, who lived between 535 BC and 475 BC. Despite how long ago it was when he said that it still rings true today. Throughout life it is inevitable that you will be met with changes, whether you like them or not. The majority of people would rather avoid change and be content with their lives as they are. The comfort zone can be a wonderful place but not a lot of growth happens there. Embracing the challenges life throws your way isn’t always a cake walk but there are guaranteed lessons to be learned from it.


There are many emotions that are brought on as a result of unsettling experiences birthed from change. Have you recently lost your job or are thinking of changing careers or industry? Perhaps you are a graduate wondering what to do next. The current job market is unchartered territory and daunting at the best of times. Big or small, shocking or expected, facing into the unknown can be a major source of stress. Anxiety rears its ugly head and brings fear along with it. Fear of failure, of the uncertainty that might lay ahead and the great unknown. The concept of change that you cannot control is intimidating and may leave you feeling like you’re floundering with no way back to normality. In some cases, these thoughts and emotions can become bigger than the truly are. This frame of mind can lead to inaction out of fear, which is far worse than facing the change at hand.


As difficult as change can be at times, it is a vital part of your personal development and gives you another push to pursue your true purpose. Embracing change is not only rewarding short-term, it enhances your adaptability for the next change that you will eventually face. It will benefit you both personally and professionally, allowing that breakthrough moment to materialise. The ability to identify parts of your life that are becoming stagnant is a valuable skill that can only be learned through upheaval. There are also resources available that can provide guidance during transitional phases, one being our Ingenio Learning career coaching program.

Though the course is tailored towards those aiming to pursue a career in the tech industry, it is not limited to that. There are many useful modules and activities designed to help you pinpoint what role or company you are seeking. We address areas of your life that are lacking structure and focus along with achievable goal setting exercises. Uncertainty and fear of what the future holds is normal but in purchasing this course, you are taking the first step towards getting the reigns secured on your career path. Your circumstances do not determine the outcome and enrolling in our course will illustrate that to you.

Setting Goals

It is a good idea to set yourself goals. The old adage says that Rome wasn’t built in a day. This is true but if there was no structure to the time frame in which it should have been built, they’d be just about getting around to the Pantheon by now. You dictate how quickly or slowly you complete the course depending on your needs. However, making a deal with yourself that in 30 days you will have completed it in full will motivate you. This allows you to take control of the change you have been met with. Once you have completed the program, you will have acquired the necessary skills to assist you in pivoting towards your desired career.

A Master Class

Think of our course as a tech career masterclass with versatility. What we mean by versatility is that it can also be applicable to those interested in creating a start-up company or taking the leap into a new area of employment. Ingenio Learning has the knowledge and experience that can help you embrace change and facilitate your goals to make them a reality. Take part in our career coaching program and begin your evolution.

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